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Pat Prescott

"I'm Pat Prescott...stop wasting your money and do something that does work, LDI...Dr. Rispler is the only person I trust my face to..." 

- Pat Prescott, Co-Host of the All New Brian

  McKnight Morning Show

"Because I'm on TV and work in the entertainment industry, how I look can affect my jobs and my work. So I definitely won't trust just anyone with my skin. That's why I love going to Dr. Jacob Rispler at the Laser and Dermatology Institute. It's obvious that Dr. Rispler has over 30 years experience because all the treatments I've received there have been painless, quick and most importantly, have had amazing results! Plus, Dr. Rispler's whole staff is knowledgeable and friendly and they've made me feel comfortable at every visit. I've recommended Dr. Rispler to so many of my friends and colleagues who are actors and on-air talent because I know they will be as happy with their experience and results as much I am. Thanks Dr. Rispler!"

- Kim Serafin

"This is Karen Sharp, guess how old I am? I'll never tell and neither will my skin because I've been to see Dr. Rispler at LDI! I can tell you from the bottom of my heart LDI has a solution for your skin care challenges."

- Karen Sharp

"The Solution is LDI...Dr. Rispler and LDI are THE best!"

- St. John

"Thanks L.D.I. for everything.  You guys are the


- Raq-C "The Night Chick"

"Since I grew up on TV I've practically been In makeup my whole life. I'm so excited to finally feel the confidence to not have to wear makeup. I've only had a few procedures done, and I see a huge difference. When I think about my acne at its worst, I can remember having a conversation with someone and them staring at my face like it was dirty. It's a horrible feeling. People with clear complexions don't understand that it's an inside issue. I've spent a fortune on every product out there, some seem to work for a while. I'm thrilled to now be in the hands of Dr. Rispler to fix the problem."


- Tina Yothers

"Everyone at LDI are so friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about their "art"! Acne scars, Moles, hair removal (I won't reveal where)...I am so glad I found LDI when I did! Thank you, Dr. Rispler!" 

- Mark Wong, Movin 93.9, News Director Rick  

  Dees in the Morning



"LDI...Lasers will clear your acne, your acne scars, the poc marks, everything that is ruining your face...Dr. Rispler is the absolute best!"

- Steve Hartman

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate Dr. Rispler's attention to detail. I have first-hand watched as Dr. Rispler has treated my nephew for acute acne scarring. I've been amazed to see his change in self esteem."

- Mark Wallengren

"I believe the Laser Dermatology Institute of California took years of my face. I had some dark skin blotches on my face and every time I looked in the mirror I felt old and no one likes that. But after a few laser treatments the blotches were gone and my skin tone was even again! It's so unnecessary to not take advantage of this technology! It's truly amazing! Thank you, Dr. Rispler and thanks to all of your helpful and friendly staff."

- Kim Amidon

"If there's something about that face you see in the mirror in the morning you're not happy with, there's no better place to take care of it than the Laser & Dermatology Institute. Dr. Rispler and his staff are at the top of their field with lasers and experience. My own family members chose Dr. Rispler. That says it all!"

- Charlie Tuna

"Dr. are KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking such great care of my listeners...your 30+ years of experience and expertise in your field make for a winning combination that is changing lives!! I'm thrilled that I can recommend someone so highly ;) Especially-thank you for giving people with severe acne, a reason to smile again ;) Cheers!"

- Lisa Foxx

"Dr. Rispler and his staff are beyond amazing. The nurses are very accommodating, they explain every procedure step by step and they were honest. I was so pleased ....I received great results in such a short amount of time. To top it off, unlike most Doctors Offices where you wait forever, I was in and out of the facility. I encourage anyone who has ever thought of Laser Treatment to go to Doctor Rispler's office. They offer such a wide variety of services and really, they are so amazing."

- Crysta Garner


"I'm Mike Sakellarides, Midday Host on KOST 103.5 FM, Los Angeles. When not one, but two dermatologists failed to solve my adult acne and scarring, I began to feel hopeless.  Then I met Dr. Jacob Rispler, who logically and methodically, eased the soreness and began healing years of damage in a relatively short time with an effective laser protocol.  Recently he treated a pre-cancerous basal carcinoma on my leg, and now he's reducing the scarring from my son's cancer surgery.  Compassionate and competent; there is no one I trust more than Dr. Rispler and LDI for my skin care and my family's health."

- Mike Sakellarides

"I love Dr. Rispler and the Laser & Dermatology Institute and I'm telling all my friends! If you need help with problem skin or aging skin, Dr. Rispler is the answer to your prayers.  Not only does Dr.Rrispler offer top of the line laser treatments and innovative skin care, his offices are conveniently located and his staff are knowledgeable, kind and courteous.  It's a relief to be able to walk through his doors and to know my skin is in good hands. As a television host I trust him with my life - my face is my fortune. As a radio host I must spread the word.  If you have skin issues the Laser & Dermatology Institute can help you.  Take it from me, I can tell you laser treatments work!"

- Sam Phillips, On-Air Personality


*Testimonials are from persons who appear on radio stations with which we advertise and who, some instances, receive treatment free of charge.

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