Laser & Dermatology Institute of California


Welcome to the Laser & Dermatology Institute of California (LDI). We are a high tech dermatology center treating patients with dermatology and laser treatments since 1976. We carry over 30 medical grade lasers for the best possible results on all skin conditions, skin types, and skin tones. Under the direction of renowned Dermatologist Dr. Jacob Rispler, LDI has been credited nationally and internationally for the treatment of all skin conditions. He has appeared on many television programs and has been featured in articles that have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and prestigious medical publications. He is considered a pioneer in laser treatments.


Doctor Rispler and the team at LDI are dedicated in providing safe treatments of all types of skin conditions on all types of skin. We use the latest medical advances and laser technology. Our unique services are not like other services, products, or other institutions that you may have already have tried. Our services are FDA approved to be safe and effective. Trust your skin to the medical professionals at the Laser & Deramtology Institute of California. Over tens of thousands of patients would agree that we have provided excellent service and great results.


Today, Dr. Rispler spends most of his time treating patients and keeping up to date on the latest medical advances and laser technology. We strive to make your experience an enjoyable and rewarding one. Please take the time to schedule a free consultation for an evaluation of your actual skin condition in person.




Real Patient Testimonial


I am not exaggerating when I say that I've tried "everything" regarding the upkeep of my face and skin. Zerona, Thermage, Erbium...Seriously I wrote a book about women and self-esteem and chapter 10 is entitled "I've Had A Little Help Myself". I completely support using the best cosmeceuticals and skin care - and even doing small procedures if they're affordable and not life-risking - in order to maintain or even improve one's appearance. I think it helps make us feel more confident and I'm all for it! But many "Professionals" take advantage of those of us who are looking for solutions - especially when we want to avoid major surgery. I'm not a fan of 'going under' unless it's a matter of severe health issues. As a mother of four, I don't like taking the risk - and I am really not thrilled about the cost let alone the downtime which is impossible with my busy schedule and on-camera demands. However, for over a year, I've been very unhappy with some "issues" that were actually compromising my self-esteem, not to mention my ability to get work in my very demanding, age-ist field. My neck - which was just a tad 'crepe-y' and getting a touch 'jowly' - to use Dr. Rispler's word! and My skin - due to the beautiful SoCal sun had a few lines and 'spots' or, as I like to call them: "Enlarged Freckles" (because it sounds cuter). Having tried everything - including the laser treatment that some dermatologists happened to have in their office, therefore the ones they suggested I use...I was introduced to all the technological wonders at LDI. Dr. Rispler put together a 3-step process for me, involving several different laser treatments and I was stunned at the improvement after just the first one! The second was even better and now, after the third treatment, I am so thrilled to say that I'm very happy with the my skin and the neck area no longer needs surgery. This was just 3 one-hour treatments that involved literally no down time and very little discomfort. What impresses me the most about LDI is Dr. Rispler's knowledge of the laser market and how the various treatments can be used...AND that he has all of them in his office. Other offices have maybe one or two, but LDI is one of only a few facilities in the country that have the entire spectrum of laser treatments and Dr. Rispler's knowledge of them is world renowned. The staff is kind and very informed and are happy to explain everything and how it all works. I feel like I am in very safe hands at LDI. Speaking of...that's next! Removing the "enlarged freckles" from my hands!!!



Laser Review

Lisa Ann Walter